“Rob Duncan is a wealth of information about the new marketing and business paradigm created by the internet. I strongly recommend engaging Rob for any reason you can think of including having him as a speaker. He is a fantastic public speaker. He is an open networking expert who truly understands that mutual benefit and offering others insight and information will benefit you in the long run. I look forward to working with Rob in the future and strongly recommend him for any connection you can think of.”

“Rob took me another couple of leaps forward in my understanding of use and importance of social media. I heard his very convincing talk at SCIP09, and even though I had heard of Mark Granovetter’s research called “The Strength of Weak Ties.” Rob made me see it in a new light. Rob is a social networking guru and I urge you to catch one of his talks at a conference. Tom”

“Rob presented a riveting account of his travels around Cape Horn, and the valuable lessons that can be learned by embracing the unknown and conquering your fears. It was truly an inspiring presentation and was well-received by the 40+ attendees at the Connecticut SCIP meeting. His presentation at SCIP in NYC was well-received and inspirational.”

“Rob delivered a terrific presentation to our association of small business people on the topic of using social media to build business relationships. The talk was very well received by all who attended, and was called “the best meeting ever” by several of our group members. Rob is able to cut through the complexity of online social networking, and make the material accessible to all levels of audience. The material presented was focused, relevant and served-up in a genuine, humourous style. I recommend Rob most highly as a speaker, and look forward to engaging him again at future events.”

“I had the pleasure of joining Rob in presenting at a social media workshop recently. Rob is one of the most prolific LinkedIn users in my network and was kind enough to share his knowledge and expertise to show others how to use this forum to build networks and grow business. He is a great speaker, very entertaining and insightful. I look forward to presenting with him again soon.”

“It was very inspiring to hear Rob’s presentation on Competitive Intelligence at the BioPharmaPM breakfast meeting on March 5. I highly recommend Rob as a speaker or guest lecturer for business and management professionals.”

“Rob worked with us as an expert panelist on an event focused on Social Media for Marketing. Rob gave a thorough and well thought out presentation on leveraging the power of Linkedin as a social media tool. The audience participation and feedback added further credibility to the success of the event, due in large part to Rob’s knowledge of the subject and his presentation skills. I would highly recommend Rob as a individual who has demonstrated thought leadership on this subject.”

“Rob is a great public speaker, communicator and leader with skills in competitive intelligence and marketing strategy that were highly valuable in our work with entrepreneurs and faculty inventors. Rob is a great person to work with, demonstrating commitment to quality and integrity.”